Countless damage to the facilities of some Argentine soccer clubs due to the storm

Countless damage to the facilities of some Argentine soccer clubs due to the storm

The strong storm that hit the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) caused the suspension of activities and caused destruction in the facilities of several Argentine soccer teams.

River had to suspend its activities due to the intense storm

River decided to suspend training this Wednesday morning due to the intense rain that invaded Buenos Aires and the next practice will be on Thursday, from 9:30 in Ezeizaahead of this Friday’s friendly against Independent Rivadavia in Mendoza.

The Racing and Independiente properties also suffered from inclement weather

The storm also affected the two largest Avellaneda: the property of wildewhere the Independiente children’s teams train, suffered significant flooding, while the headquarters of racinglocated in the Miter Avenuewas also loaded with water.

The children’s training center Independent, was greatly affected by heavy rains. The vast majority of the fields were under water, as were the barbecue and grill areas.

In addition, the storm knocked down a tree, a light pole and some cables, in the vicinity of the Libertadores de América stadium – Ricardo Enrique Bochini, which complicated and in some cases made access to the stadium impossible.

racingfor its part, also suffered the consequences of the storm at its headquarters, since a video was broadcast in which a large amount of water was seen running down the stairs, generating a waterfall and flooding.

This situation caused some material losses in the place and like its classic, access to the place is very complicated. President Perón stadium.

Before this panorama, racing issued a statement through social networks, reporting on the operation of the club’s various facilities, in which it warned that in the stadium area “activities were suspended, except for those scheduled during the afternoon for the men’s professional team.”

In it Tita Estate: “All sports activities that are usually carried out have been suspended for this Wednesday.

In this way, the Reserve match against Atlético Tucumán, for the 5th date of the Initial Screening Cupit was postponed to tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.

The Estudiantes stadium, victim of the storm

Also, The Silver It was one of the areas most affected by the strong storms that were recorded. The streets of “the city of diagonals” were flooded by a new and fierce storm and several important points of the city ended up under water, especially the soccer field. Students.

The incessant rains turned the Teachers’ Walk, next to the stadium, in a real river and generated problems in the circulation of vehicles.


The entrance to the UNO de Estudiantes stadium was flooded by accumulated water

The water caused serious problems in the facilities of Students at 1 and 55. The thing is that not only did it enter the restaurant and gym, but it also flooded the playing field, although as the hours go by it will drain and it will be in optimal condition.

For its part, Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata reported that “due to the weather conditions and the difficulty of reaching Estancia Chica, the training of the professional soccer team was suspended.”

In addition, from the official Lobo account they reported that “the sports activities planned for today at the 4th Street Sports Center” were also void, since the facilities will be used to “receive donations to assist those flooded in the region.”

The one that suffered damage was Vélez due to the intense storms.

At the corporate headquarters, a piece of masonry fell, although among the damages, the good news was that there were no injuries.

Besides, Sarandí Arsenal, team that today plays in the First National, The walls of the perimeter of auxiliary field 2 were affected. In addition, on Nicaragua Street there are three electric poles about to fall.

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