Athletics: Sport wins: Krause happy about European Championship silver after confusion

Athletics: Sport wins: Krause happy about European Championship silver after confusion

Silver, suddenly gold, then silver again: After the European Championship final over 3000 meters steeplechase, Gesa Krause didn’t know for a long time which medal she would take home from Rome. In the end, sport triumphed over the rules.

After a nerve-racking night in Rome, Gesa Felicitas Krause remains European Championship silver medalist, and the victory of sport over the rules also makes the German obstacle ace happy. “It was an emotional rollercoaster ride for me. I’m glad that the result is now as it is and that sport has priority,” said Krause.

The miserable back and forth over a third title for her overshadowed the spectacular race in which the victorious Frenchwoman Alice Finot was initially disqualified by a referee on Sunday evening for leaving the track. A French protest against this was successful and the sporting result remained. Finally, the award ceremony, which had initially been postponed, was also scheduled for Monday evening.

“I came in second, Alice Finot deserved to win gold,” said Krause in a statement from the German Athletics Association. Finot won the 3000 meter steeplechase race in 9:16.22 minutes. Krause came in second after 9:18.06 minutes and secured her sixth international medal.

Happy about silver

“I wanted to win a medal here. It’s silver and I’m very, very happy with it,” said the 31-year-old, who had successfully returned from maternity leave, immediately after the race, still wrapped in a black, red and gold flag. At that moment, she clearly had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.

The German sports director Jörg Bügner explained that they had received indications that a rule violation had occurred. These indications were followed up and a request for video access was made to the European Athletics Federation.

“However, we did not get around to checking because in the meantime a referee had examined the situation and disqualified the Frenchwoman for repeatedly entering the inside lane. The French association then lodged a protest. The jury examined this and ruled in favor of the French team,” explained Bügner. Accordingly, the DLV itself did not lodge a protest.

Sport triumphs over rules

Shortly before midnight, Finot appeared again as the winner in the official results list. The 33-year-old gave Krause no chance with her brilliant final lap. “I know how fast she is on the last lap. She was already a bit faster,” said Krause, whose focus is now on the Olympic Games in Paris in just under two months, where the former World Championship third-place finisher wants to be even faster – and has to be if she wants to be at the top.

That is certainly what European champion Finot would like, as she had no visible advantage from stepping onto the white track boundary line after the water jump. “We need rules in the spirit of sport and these must be enforced and observed, but sometimes we also have to acknowledge when someone is better, precisely in the spirit of sport,” wrote former decathlete and ARD expert Frank Busemann about the night’s confusion and commented on the outcome with satisfaction: “Gold for France, silver for Gesa Krause. It works. Thanks sport.”

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