Basketball: Only one win missing: Bayern want championship party in Berlin

Basketball: Only one win missing: Bayern want championship party in Berlin
Basketball: Only one win missing: Bayern want championship party in Berlin

The basketball players of Bayern Munich are close to the double. The championship title is to be perfected in the hall of their arch-rivals.

The Bayern Munich basketball players are fed up with another home game. After the hard-fought second victory in the third game of the final series at Alba Berlin, the star ensemble from the Isar wants to perfect the championship title in the arena of their arch-rivals.

When Pablo Laso was asked whether he would rather celebrate the title in a fifth game in Munich or in the next game in the capital, the Munich star coach answered clearly: “In Berlin.”

To do this, Bayern will have to push themselves to the limit again on Friday (6 p.m./Dyn). “It’s starting all over again. We have to be eager and ready,” said Bayern’s world champion Andreas Obst, looking ahead to the fourth final duel between the two German Euroleague teams. “You can never write off Alba,” said Obst, who was the Munich team’s top scorer with 14 points in the 67:63 win. “Game two must be a lesson for us. It’s all about willpower, not about playing beautiful basketball.”

Bayern stable in crunch time

In the second game on Monday, Bayern did not show full concentration after winning the opening match and thus conceded the equalizer. On Wednesday, Bayern remained stable in the final phase, when Alba had made up a ten-point deficit. “Big compliments to my players, that was very strong mentally,” praised Laso.

The Spanish star coach can crown his debut season in Germany with the double this weekend. However, not everything went perfectly in the first season under the long-time successful coach of Real Madrid. Because far too often, Bayern were unable to make use of their huge potential.

That was the case again on Wednesday evening. Against the self-sacrificing Berlin team, the Munich team completely lacked any spirit of play. Former NBA star Serge Ibaka was not a factor at all, and in the end it was national players Obst and Nick Weiler-Babb who carried Bayern’s game.

Alba will not give up

Against the hosts, who once again had no regular point guard and whose world champion Johannes Thiemann was also badly injured and could only play at half strength, Bayern had to tremble until the end. The guests were also lucky with a controversial referee’s whistle, which they capitalized on decisively in the final minutes with four points.

Everything points in favor of the favorite, but Alba will not give up even after the latest setback. “Of course the absences are annoying. But personnel concerns are not an issue in our dressing room. We will be ready again on Friday,” said Matt Thomas.

“Nothing has actually changed,” said Jonas Mattisseck. “We need two more wins. And we want to get the first one on Friday,” said the Alba professional. Unlike Laso, he would be happy about an additional trip to the Isar. “I’ve been there so many times, it’s not a problem,” said Mattisseck.

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