Euro 2024: Boy runs onto field for selfie with Ronaldo

Euro 2024: Boy runs onto field for selfie with Ronaldo
Euro 2024: Boy runs onto field for selfie with Ronaldo

A strange scene occurred during the European Championship match between Portugal and Turkey. A boy ran onto the field and actually got a photo taken with superstar Ronaldo. The action was copied by others.

A selfie with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo: This was the goal of a young football fan when he ran onto the pitch in Dortmund during the European Championship group match between Portugal and Turkey. And the boy actually succeeded on Saturday evening. Determined and with his mobile phone in his hand, he ran onto the pitch in the middle of the second half and straight to Ronaldo. And the 39-year-old Portuguese captain actually bent down briefly in the center circle and had his photo taken with the fan.

The boy then ran back towards the sideline, where two stewards were able to catch him and lead him off the field. The fans in the Dortmund stadium enjoyed the scene: the young fan was applauded for his action, and superstar Ronaldo was chanted by the Portuguese fans for his reaction.

Ronaldo has no desire for further photos

Perhaps encouraged by the boy’s success, another fan ventured onto the field in the final stages of the match. He also ran straight towards Ronaldo, but this time the stewards were better prepared. Half a dozen men in yellow vests chased the young man and managed to catch him in time. Ronaldo also seemed fed up with another photo and turned away in frustration. The crowd reacted with a chorus of whistles, while the young fan was quickly led off the pitch.

During injury time and after the final whistle, three more fans tried their luck. They each ran towards Ronaldo, who was now visibly annoyed, but were quickly brought down and led away by the stewards who had rushed to the scene.

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