European Football Championship: Before the knockout round: How can I still get European Championship tickets at short notice?

European Football Championship: Before the knockout round: How can I still get European Championship tickets at short notice?
European Football Championship: Before the knockout round: How can I still get European Championship tickets at short notice?

Germany is undefeated in the round of 16 and will start the knockout round in Dortmund on Saturday. Can fans still attend at short notice? And how much do the tickets cost?

After the preliminary round has ended, the German Football Association (DFB) is again giving away tickets for the next match at the home European Championship. The team of national coach Julian Nagelsmann will play its round of 16 match in Dortmund on Saturday evening (9 p.m.). The opponent in the round of 16 will be a team from Group C – England, Slovenia, Denmark and Serbia are possible candidates. The answers to the most important questions.

How big is the DFB contingent for the round of 16?

There are 6,000 tickets for the round of 16, which the German Football Association (DFB) can give away separately. The German opponents will also have a corresponding contingent available and will distribute them among their fans. A large proportion of the tickets were given away in the first sales phase last autumn. At that time, there were a total of over 20 million ticket applications.

Can anyone get tickets this way?

No. The DFB awards the tickets according to a so-called bonus system, which, according to the association, was introduced in 2016 by fan representatives for “fair and transparent ticket allocation”. Bonus points are awarded to those who have regularly seen the national team’s games in the stadium in the past.

Depending on the number of bonus points, fan club members and tournament registrants will be divided into three phases and will receive a purchase authorization via a personal access code for one ticket per game. The access codes should be sent before the game against Switzerland. “Tickets can only be purchased via an account on the UEFA ticket portal,” explains the DFB.

Does speed matter?

Yes. The DFB has announced three phases. In phase one (from 10 a.m. this Monday), fan club members with 16 bonus points or more are initially entitled to make a purchase. According to the DFB, “there are enough tickets available” for this group. In the second phase (from 10 a.m. Tuesday), fan club members with nine to 15 points will have their turn. The third phase is reserved for fans with fewer than nine bonus points and fans with a tournament registration.

The principle within the phases is “first come, first served”. There is no lottery system. Whoever is quicker gets tickets. The DFB would apply the same principle again for a possible quarter-final in Stuttgart. The quota would again be 6,000 tickets.

What are the prices for the knockout games?

The tickets are now getting more expensive with each round. In the round of 16, the price range is from 50 (fans first) to 500 (premium seats). In between there are tickets for 250, 175 and 85 euros. In the quarter-finals, the cheap tickets cost 60 euros, and go up to 700 euros. The semi-final prices range from 80 to 900 euros. For the final in Berlin on July 14 (9 p.m.), the cheapest ticket costs 95 euros. The premium seats are available for 2,000 euros.

Are there still tickets available via the official UEFA portal?

On Sunday evening, the ticket platform only had remaining stock for the last group match day. Tickets for matches such as Denmark against Serbia or Slovakia against Romania were available for 200 euros. There were no offers for the knockout phase, however. It is quite possible, however, that there will be returns once the matches have been confirmed because fans were hoping for other matches in the first knockout round. The significantly more expensive hospitality tickets are also still available.

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