Tour de France: World Cycling Federation stops data bus of Vingegaard team

Tour de France: World Cycling Federation stops data bus of Vingegaard team
Tour de France: World Cycling Federation stops data bus of Vingegaard team

Before the start of the tour, the Visma team around defending champion Vingegaard attracted curious glances with a bus. The world association was not comfortable with this: there was no accreditation.

Shortly before the 111th edition of the tour, the Visma team around Tour de France defending champion Jonas Vingegaard proudly reported on its “innovative control bus”. It is intended to provide the racing team with important data on the race in real time. The cycling association UCI was not comfortable with the innovation. It does not want to see the vehicle anywhere near the route.

This is what it’s about: The sports management in the cars behind the professionals want to be fed with more information during the competitions through the data. There are often signal failures in the TV images. Tactical decisions should be made more quickly this way, according to a Visma statement. The team is considered a pioneer in the use of data.

No accreditation for control bus

Ban: When asked by the German Press Agency, a spokesperson from the Tour organization ASO confirmed that the jury of the world association UCI had banned the use of the van on the Tour route. There is no accreditation. The exact reasons were not given. On Friday, the world association only announced that it would take a closer look at the bus. It said that sporting fairness and equal access to technology must be guaranteed. The rule enforcers may have been concerned that unauthorized data could also reach the teams. For example, only the riders are allowed to view body temperature and heart rate during the races.

Reaction of the team: The sports management of the Visma team around the German ex-professional cyclist Grischa Niermann reacted with incomprehension. “The UCI has issued a statement, but nothing happens in this car that you couldn’t see at home,” he told the portal “Radsport-news”. The bus is just a little more well thought out, but it doesn’t change the fact that Niermann can “have contact with everyone in the car at any time”. He reacted calmly to the lack of accreditation: “The car doesn’t necessarily have to be at the race, it can be anywhere.”

Competitor reacts humorously

This is how other teams react: Rolf Aldag can only partially understand the approach of the world association. “If the UCI now believes that we are all riding here by feeling like we did 30 years ago, then it is clear that they are on the completely wrong path,” said the sports director of the top German team Red Bull to the dpa. He would like to see a “guideline that has to come” to create clarity. The US team EF reacted with humor. It posted a picture on “X” and asked Visma whether they liked their control room. It shows an employee sitting on the floor with a laptop and video cameras and a drone ready next to it.

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