Cycling: “It just feels good”: Ullrich as Tour expert on TV

Cycling: “It just feels good”: Ullrich as Tour expert on TV
Cycling: “It just feels good”: Ullrich as Tour expert on TV

After his doping confession, Jan Ullrich appears as an expert on TV at the Tour de France. The only German winner of the national tour so far is clearly feeling at ease. Where does he want to go?

Doping confession, a newly published book and now as an expert on TV during the 111th Tour de France: former professional cyclist Jan Ullrich was clearly at ease during his guest appearance on the Eurosport show “Velo Club”. “Now I’m back, now I’m sitting on the couch with you and it just feels good. That’s a huge relief for me,” said Ullrich. The 50-year-old wants to publicly rehabilitate himself after his late doping confession last autumn.

Ullrich’s plans: The former racing driver is currently trying things out. He also suggested working with the tour organizers, after a “distance” had prevailed in the past. “I think there is a way forward again,” he said. On the sidelines of the German championships just under a week ago, he spoke to the president of the German Cycling Association, Rudolf Scharping. He has now started appearing at races again. He first showed up again a year ago. And he dared. At the time, Ullrich, who was shy of publicity at the time, had to be “whipped” there.

The confession: In the course of the release of the Amazon documentary “Jan Ullrich – The Hunted” in November, the former professional cyclist made a doping confession – and thus ended his years of silence. For two decades, he was ostracized in many ways after the doping scandals in cycling became public. The 2000 Olympic champion made headlines several times after that due to scandals.

German cycling world welcomes return

Return is welcomed: His public comeback has been well received in the German cycling world. “I think he has a lot to tell. He is one of the greatest legends in German cycling,” said veteran Simon Geschke to the German Press Agency. The 38-year-old is currently competing in his 12th and final Tour de France. He is delighted that Ullrich is back in cycling. “He was at the German championships. And people were really happy to see him,” said Geschke.

Germany’s most successful Tour stage hunter Marcel Kittel (14 daily victories) was also happy about Ullrich’s renaissance. “I wish him peace of mind. He has paid more than enough, both privately and professionally,” Kittel recently told “Bild am Sonntag”. “He should find his place again, come clean and say what everyone thought and knew,” he added.

Ullrich will be appearing again on Eurosport on Wednesday. “The backpack of life gets heavier and heavier if you don’t solve the problems. And I was able to take more than half the weight out of this backpack and can walk straight again. It feels lighter,” he said, sitting visibly relaxed on the TV couch.

Source: Stern

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