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Finally, the EU approved a plan to ban the sale of combustion cars from 2035

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At the request of some countries, such as Germany and Italy, the twenty-seven agreed to give the green light in the future to allow alternative technologies such as synthetic fuels or rechargeable hybrids if they allow the goal of completely eliminating greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved.


MEPs backed the proposal, presented by the European Comission last year, to impose a 100% reduction in CO2 emissions from new cars by 2035, which would end sales of vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

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The measure is a message to European manufacturers to speed up their transformation towards electric cars and a warning to foreign firms to change if they want to continue doing business in Europe.


The EU seeks to curb pollution

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Europe was the first continent to mark the objective to achieve the climate neutrality (zero emissions) in 2050 and is now ahead of the rest of the international community in setting the first concrete measures to achieve it.

The plan, baptized with the bizarre name in English of Fit for 55 (in shape for 55, in English), also includes the objective of doubling the renewable energy until reaching a 40% share in 2030, the setting for the first time of mandatory energy efficiency targets and the tightening of emissions market conditions to raise the price of a ton of CO.

The commitment to the electric vehicle or with the fuel of hydrogen —thinking of lorries and air and maritime transport— arrives accompanied by objectives to develop the essential refueling infrastructure. The legislative project establishes that from 2035 there will be an electricity recharging station every 60 kilometers on the main roads. And every 150 kilometers in the case of hydrogen.

Transportation and housing will also be incorporated into a new market for emissions, in which the companies that supply energy to these sectors will participate. Brussels hopes that the setting of a price for CO emissions in these activities will contribute to its reduction, given that the companies will foreseeably transfer the new cost to the final consumer. The Commission considers the measure essential to accelerate the reduction in sectors from which a large part of the emissions come.


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