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Driving license quiz: Most candidates fail these questions

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Most adults in Germany have long since passed their driving test. Maybe too long? You can ask yourself some of the most difficult questions from the last few years here.

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Here you can play our driving license quiz. It is important to read the questions carefully and take your time for the answers. Many questions are similar or contain small pitfalls that you usually only notice on the second or third reading. For some questions, more than one answer is possible.

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Course of the theory test for the driver’s license

The theory test is a multiple-choice test. In this type of test, pre-formulated possible answers are given for each question, from which the correct answers must be selected. It can also happen that several answers are correct. In these cases, of course, several crosses must be set so that the question can be considered as answered correctly.

In the exam, a total of 30 questions selected from the catalog of questions are asked, which must be answered on a computer. If you get less than 100 out of a total of 110 possible points, you fail. Depending on the question, you get two to five points for a correct answer, so you may have to repeat the exam with just three incorrect questions. The only exception: If you answer two priority questions incorrectly, each of which is worth five points, you fail.

Driving license test: These are the provisions for the test

In the theory test for the driver’s license, learner drivers have to prove their knowledge of the provisions of the Road Traffic Act (StVO) and the correct behavior in exceptional situations. The task of the test (§ 16) is precisely defined in the driving license regulation:

In the theory test, the applicant must prove that he

1. has sufficient knowledge of the legal regulations governing the driving of motor vehicles and of environmentally conscious and energy-saving driving and

2. is familiar with the dangers of road traffic and the behavior required to avert them.

Source: Stern

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