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The Renault Minuto service celebrates 25 years

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As an immediate maintenance service, Renault Minuto offers its customers a range of light mechanical operations that include: oil and filter change, air filter change, brake pads, batteries, shock absorbers, tires, and alignment and balancing. Added to all these services, within the general proposal of Renault Minuto, is the supervision and control of 25 sensitive points of the vehicle, in charge of specialized personnel.

“Undoubtedly, Renault Minuto has built loyalty throughout these years, based on guaranteeing an excellent service in the hands of specialists, the authenticity of the spare parts and the availability of its service points throughout the country. It is our goal to continue developing this channel, in order to continue providing the best experience to our customers and enhance our brand”, said Fabrizio Galetto, After Sales Director of Renault Argentina.

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Currently, Renault Minuto guarantees a comprehensive, immediate service with personalized attention, without the need to manage a previous shift. “In turn, it offers extended hours, a repair guarantee throughout the country, legitimate spare parts, transparent prices and the reliability of a highly trained technical staff, carefully managing the triple impact of your business: economic, environmental and social,” said Renault. .

Source: Ambito

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