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The challenges of 2023

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Vera Stack
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Although the numbers are positive compared to 2021, there was room to achieve better indicators.

The demand from abroad is important and it is difficult to fulfill the commitments with these limitations. The internal market also showed that it was in a position to absorb more 0 km. This was due, to a large extent, to less external competition for imported stocks.

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This was reflected in a change in the composition of sales that, currently, show that national cars already represent more than half of the operations, when four years ago they did not reach 30%.

With this scenario, we enter the last part of the year and anticipate what may happen in 2023. The expectation is to maintain this year’s market and, in the event of greater availability of dollars, to improve it.

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Despite this condition, all brands are committed to offering important innovations during 2023. Although in fewer numbers than in other years, in the coming months there will be important launches that will be subject to economic fluctuations.

In this special supplement, the models that the different automakers have planned to market in the country for a year that will be dominated by great challenges are anticipated.

Source: Ambito

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