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Motorcycle rain suit: waterproof models for on the go

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Unlike drivers, motorcyclists are vulnerable to rain showers. Although most biker outfits are water-repellent, they are not waterproof. A suitable motorcycle rain suit should offer more protection.

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Rainwear is rated by manufacturers as waterproof, water-repellent or waterproof. What many do not know: The first two attributes do not offer 100% protection against rain – they only mean that the clothing protects against moisture for a short period of time. If you want to stay dry in the long term, you should pay attention to the “waterproof” designation. In addition, the water column provides information about how long rainwear does not let moisture through. The so-called water resistance is measured in millimeters: The material is waterproof from a value of 1300. The higher the value, the better the protection against moisture. However, the question arises here: Is ordinary rainwear also recommended for motorcyclists?

Rainwear for bikers: important criteria

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Motorcyclists are exposed to stronger forces during a shower than a pedestrian or cyclist. For this reason, not only the water resistance plays a decisive role when buying suitable rainwear: So that the does not let moisture through even in heavy rain over long distances, the material should be waterproof on the one hand. On the other hand, it is also important that zippers and Velcro fasteners are covered with fabric – as the seams are often a weak point and can let moisture through. Another criterion is the material: good motorcycle rain suits are made of polyamide, polyester or polyurethane. Low-priced models are usually made of PVC.

Matching rain protection for motorcyclists

A motorcycle rain suit is available as a one-piece suit, but it can also be made up of two individual pieces – i.e. a windproof and and one – exist. In addition, there are non-slip (low and high) with reflectors specially designed for bikers. One or the other manufacturer offers a whole one consisting of four parts: a rain jacket, rain pants, glove and boot covers. And of course there are also waterproof ones for motorcyclists (in sizes S to XXL), which can simply be pulled over normal biker clothing in the event of a rain shower.

Motorcycle rain suit: This is what you need to pay attention to

If you have a If you want to wear it over your normal biker clothing, it is advisable to choose at least one size larger. This makes sense above all if the motorcycle jacket and trousers are already thicker. Other points to look out for in a rain suit are these:

As with regular motorcycle clothing, high visibility in traffic is extremely important – especially on rainy days. Therefore, when buying a rain suit, always make sure that the one- or two-piece suit is equipped with sufficient reflectors.

waterproofing protection
Waterproof rainwear for motorcyclists has an impregnation protection, but this can wear off after frequent wear (approx. 15 times). To ensure that no moisture penetrates through the material afterwards, it is recommended to regularly wash the items with a to treat.

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