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CABA accountants denounce that the AFIP does not comply with the ruling of the Justice

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“Faced with this situation, from the Council today we present a complaint in Justice against the AFIP for non-compliance with the precautionary measure, and we request that it arbitrate the measures that it considers pertinent for the purposes of complying with the judicial ruling.”


In this sense, they considered that the AFIP made “a subjective interpretation of what was ruled by the Justice” and that they should plan it in court to “avoid confusion that generates potential damage to taxpayers and professionals who advise them.”

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“This administration does not dialogue with professionals, the dialogue takes place through formal writings and through the media. We only had a face-to-face audience and a virtual one, that already shows you the lack of respect and consideration for those of us who work every day for the country’s collection”, indicated the president of the entity, Gabriela Russowho requested that the maturities be postponed until July.

Furthermore, they argued that “If 30% of the Affidavits have already been submitted through the work of the accountants and we have a payment plan that can be adhered to until July 31, we can infer that the collection is not affected as it is intended to be installed erroneously” .

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“The accountants are not enemies of the Treasury, on the contrary, we are the best allies for the collection of the State and so that the taxpayers can adequately comply with their tax obligations”, close the statement.

The word of the Government

The spokesperson for the Presidency, Gabriela Ceruticonfirmed this morning that “taxpayers have to make the sworn statements” and payment of taxes on Income and Personal Assets, within “the stipulated dates, which begin today.”

Cerruti thus referred to the scope of the statement from the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) that reported on the expiration date of the two taxes, scheduled for the period between today and Monday, June 27.

The body headed by Mercedes Marco del Pont In this regard, he pointed out that the judicial measure that stipulated its postponement only reaches professionals enrolled in the Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires.

In this way, the dates for filing affidavits and payments of Earnings and Personal Assets for the 2021 fiscal period continue to be scheduled for the period between June 23 and 27.

Last night, the Federal Administrative Litigation Court No. 12 upheld an appeal filed by the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Federal Capital (CPCECABA).

The ruling, signed by the federal judgel Macarena Marra Giménezorders to extend the maturities and the payment of both taxes “until after sixty (60) days have elapsed since the necessary web systems were made available to carry out said work, that is, from July 12 onwards”.

In its statement, the AFIP described the judicial measure as “regrettable” and stressed that “it only reaches professionals registered in the Cpcecaba.”

Speaking at his usual weekly conference at the Casa Rosada, Cerruti said that the national government considers that the measure “damages the collection capacity not only of the national State but also” in matters “of co-participation of the provinces.”


Source: Ambito

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