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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Due to the drought, the sowing of wheat and barley is delayed

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… that, with an alarming advance in drought conditions in much of the productive agricultural regionthe data show that the sowing of wheat continues to be delayed, of which almost 50% of the area that was originally estimated at around 6.7 million hectares still needs to be covered (similar to the 20/21 campaign), although it could fall by close to a million hectares if there is no immediate change in humidity conditions. Something similar is happening with barley, whose planting progressed barely 30%. Both winter crops concentrate the main official expectations, since their exports begin at the end of the year, earning foreign currency in the first months of the year. And, while the forecasts continue to anticipate temperatures below the averages, as well as the rains, the corn harvest cannot be completed due to the high humidity that the grains still present. The area to be harvested is around 40% of the planting estimate, and the salient data is the average drop in yield that is being recorded in many plots of these approximately 4 million remaining hectares. The data is not minor since if the trend continues, the final result could suffer a new cut on the 49 million tons, previously calculated. According to the Rosario Stock Exchange, this crop and soybeans would barely exceed 90 million tons against the 97-98 million of the previous cycle.


Source: Ambito

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