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They dismantle the import loop of chinstraps for US $ 4 million

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Based on the history of recent operations, it is estimated that the real value of the imported merchandise amounted to US$563,000, while the value declared in the operations investigated was US$4,120,000, that is, an estimated total overbilling of 730%.

Given this fact, Customs filed the complaint with the National Economic Criminal Court No. 11 and the National Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Criminal No. 7, which has delegated the investigation, intervenes. The merchandise is seized by Customs.

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“At the work meeting of the economic cabinet, we agreed with the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the head of AFIP, Carlos Castagneto, to make progress in making foreign trade operations transparent and taking care of dollars for Argentine production and work”, said the Director General of Customs, Guillermo Michel.

Specifically, two companies in the textile sector declared the entry into the country of chinstraps, under the benefits of Decree No. 333/2020 (issued in the framework of the COVID-19 health emergency) at values ​​much higher than those of the international market and including local.

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From the Customs investigation it was determined that one of the importing companies declared a container with 888,000 KN-95 type chinstraps, at a total purchase value in China of US$858,684, that is, a unit value at origin of US$ s0.967 per mask (pesos $130 each), when paradoxically the same product can be purchased locally in retail stores at a much lower unit price. In total, it is about 1.7 million overbilled chinstraps.

In addition, in another of the containers of the same companies, video boards were discovered to mine cryptocurrencies with an overbilling of 800%. There are 300 platelets that were declared to be high-quality products and technical features at a unit value of US$7,999, when in reality -and from a more in-depth study- it was determined that the real unit value is US$990.

Source: Ambito

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