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3 questions to … Monika Tonner-Fiechtl The Kolping Hotel director looks back on 28 years of industry experience.

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1Do you have your dream job?

Yes, yes. I bear responsibility, there is appreciation and I have the freedom to make decisions. Of course I have to show good results. But I have no shareholders breathing down my neck. What we generate stays at the location.

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2What advice do you have for hotel employees who want to pursue a career?

You have to have the ability to motivate yourself. You have to like people and be able to communicate well – with guests, employees and suppliers. Mistakes, once they happen, shouldn’t be analyzed to death. Better to look ahead, do better and dare to do something.

3Your most bizarre complaint?

That wasn’t in the Kolping Hotel, but in my time before that: Canadians who were hunting in the Czech Republic checked in. They were out with the skin of the freshly killed bear and wanted to prepare it themselves in the hotel room. There was a smell and dripping from the window. They hung up the fur and wanted to let it dry after treating it with some kind of chemicals. The guest absolutely didn’t want to see that this isn’t allowed and didn’t even want to pay for the special cleaning. Then he just cleaned himself.

Source: Nachrichten

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