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Energy crisis: Netzagentur: Full gas storage alone is not enough

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The gas storage facilities in Germany are currently almost 78 percent full. You can’t just rely on the memory, says network agency boss Müller – and refers to Putin.

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Despite the progress made in filling German gas storage facilities, the head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, has called for gas to be saved as a matter of urgency.

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One cannot rely solely on the memory, said Müller on Thursday evening in the ZDF program “Maybrit Illner”. “On their own, they wouldn’t get us through a winter if it gets particularly cold or if Putin should turn off the gas completely,” emphasized Müller, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The gas storage tanks are currently almost 78 percent full. According to the regulation, it should be at least 75 percent on September 1st, at least 85 percent on October 1st and at least 95 percent on November 1st. Müller compared storage to inflating a bicycle tire. The first percent are the easiest. Reaching 85 and 95 percent is physically more strenuous.

Müller: Save at least 20 percent

The winter can only be managed well with a triad, warned Müller. In addition to storage, these are the purchase from additional gas sources and savings. You will have to save at least 20 percent across all sectors. “Then we can get through the next few months without a shortage – with a bit of luck if the winter stays normal.” At the same time, however, Müller made it clear that you have to survive at least two winters in order to become independent of Russian gas afterwards.

The head of the authorities reminded that according to the clear European legal situation, private households enjoy a special protection status in the event of a gas shortage, similar to hospitals, schools, the police and similar institutions. Nevertheless, he urged private households to save. Every kilowatt hour saved on gas also helps to avoid reductions or even shutdowns in industry. In this context, Müller spoke of “solidarity with the jobs”.

Source: Stern

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