New increases in cell phone, Internet and cable: how much they go up

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In addition, they set maximum values ​​for the case of cellular telephony: for the prepaid modality, the recharge of 50MB of mobile data per day will be $36, the second of voice will have a maximum price of $0.55 and the text message $7.20. The values ​​will be valid from next month. As of December, these values ​​are updated: 50 MB of mobile data will cost $39.50, a second of voice $0.60 and SMS $7.90. All values ​​are with taxes included.

These increases are added to those approved in April that averaged 19% in each service and are given within the framework of the decree 690/2020 which declared telecommunications as a public service and authorizes the ENACOM to approve the increases in the sector’s tariffs. However, many companies decided to judicialize the decree, so the increases are the subject of discussion.

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In this sense, the owner of the entity, Claudio Ambrosiniwarned that “any increase in retail prices that would have been applied by the Licensees of ICT Services or DTH (Satellite TV) and that exceeds the values ​​expressly authorized by the Resolutions cited in the previous Articles or in the present, must be returned to its users and users in the next invoice to be issued, with updating and interest subject to the same interest rate applied to their clients for late payment of invoices”.

Furthermore, he added: “In those cases in which a user or user does not pay his invoice with increases higher than those authorized, the providers must refrain from computing the current legal deadlines to proceed with the suspension of the service. nor apply, with cause in said invoices, the other provisions in force in the regulation of ICT service clients, a term that must be computed from the expiration of the corresponding rebilling”.

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The raises reach the licensee companies of Mobile Communications Services, Internet Access Value Added Services, Fixed Telephony Services, Subscription Broadcasting Services through physical or radioelectric link, and Subscription Broadcasting Audiovisual Communication Services through satellite link.

In the resolution, they detail that “it is necessary to authorize new increases with application from October and December 2022, evaluated in the economic context and difficulties that are going through for all the actors involved, providers and user public. “The requirements for new increases are based on the higher costs and the impact of the oscillations of the main economic variables in the operations of the Licensees during the months that have elapsed since the beginning of the regulation of retail prices,” it adds.

Source: Ambito

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