12.8 million tons were sold

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According to data from the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange, this Thursday 1,102,544 tons of soybeans were sold. Since Monday 5 they total 12,826,583 tons.

The new sales contracts entered into yesterday and on previous dates but recorded on Thursday added up as a whole 734,201 tons, and the average value of these businesses was $68,555 per unit of weight.

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On the other hand also the fixings of operations arranged prior to yesterday for 265,479 tons stood outreaching an average value of $68,289.

In relation to business agreed in dollars,he soybean sales contracts registered an average value of US$404.94 for a volume of 6,677 tons; while fixings were recorded for 23,734 tons at an average value of US$355.

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The The Central Bank closed yesterday’s session with purchases for US$340 millionand accumulated US$3.1 billion in the last thirteen days after the implementation of the special exchange rate for soybean exports.

The The Central Bank had announced this week that it prohibited those who have operated through the soybean dollar from accessing the legal foreign exchange market, which included the savings dollar, the MEP and the Cash with Liquidation. The measure had to be reversed and was applied only to exporters and not to individuals after the Secretary of Agriculture, John Joseph Bahillo, came out to deny that the measure affected producers, which generated a counterpoint between the monetary entity and the Ministry of Economy. The head of the Rosario Stock Exchange, Gustavo Idígoras, came out to clarify later that the prohibition for exporters was already in force beforehand.

Source: Ambito

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