Ranking: These 50 stocks have mastered all the crises of the last few years

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Especially in turbulent times it is important to have reliable stocks in your portfolio. Capital has filtered out the best dividend stocks from 1800 titles – which have mastered all crises of the past 25 years.

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The invention of cornflakes in 1894 was pure coincidence. A bowl of wheat porridge was left in the kitchen of Doctor John Harvey Kellogg’s sanatorium. The next morning the dried porridge was flattened, roasted and served for breakfast to patients with intestinal problems. “Granose” is what Kellogg called the diet flakes that he later sold with his brother Will Keith through the company Sanitas Food.

However, the younger man had other ambitions than the spa doctor who preached asceticism: he swapped wheat for corn and added cane sugar. That was the beginning of a triumphal march of cereals that has continued to this day and that even a legal campaign by the older Kellogg brother could not stop.

Source: Stern

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