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Sunday, November 27, 2022

The UIA warned of a possible increase in costs after changes in imports

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The point to note is that the approval will be achieved in this case automatically and not through the current system of Imports of the Argentine Republic (SIRA). In the first three days of SIRA, the Government registered 31,657 requests from 7,169 importers. However, until Thursday of last week only 12% were authorized, 52% remained under observation, 28% under analysis and 8% were canceled or annulled, according to a report by the consulting firm HLF.

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Ignatius Petunichi

What did he say about the price hike?

In this context, he insisted that the way to lower prices is to solve the macroeconomic problem and insisted on not freezing prices: “It’s not about freezing, but about seeking agreements. I found out about the freezing in the newspapers. Talking about freezing is illogical There is a price agreement in Careful Prices. The freezing is illogical with this level of inflation.”

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“Food is produced to be consumed. The essence is the internal market. It is not produced to accumulate stock. We must talk about fiscal spending, monetary issuance and promote exports,” he said.

On the other hand, he highlighted the strong tax component that food has: “Food has 40% taxes and beverages, 50%” and asked the government “to put a dialogue on track, to find solutions that allow companies to survive, but only the informal economy will survive”.

Source: Ambito

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