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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

reviews costs and investigates dominant position

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These two situations occurred while The Government is negotiating with the manufacturers of mass consumption products the plan to fix prices for four months that this media anticipated weeks ago. So it could be read as a hardening of the official position. In that discussion, the Ministry of Economy has already taken one of the requests from the private sector: dismiss the idea of ​​putting the price on the packaging of the products. Sergio Massa confirmed that the tool for consumers to view the agreed price will be a mobile application.

The Economy Minister anticipated days ago that seven companies and four large supermarket chains, which guaranteed extra space on their shelves to display products, had already joined the “Fair Prices” plan. As this medium explained, the Government seeks in this way to slow down the inflationary inertia. In the Palacio de Hacienda they explain that this is one of the components that explains the current level of inflation.

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At the same time, highlight that the underlying causes are also being attacked. The program dubbed the “soybean dollar” provided the Central Bank with a cushion of reserves that will be reinforced again by disbursements from multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, which signed a new program with Argentina for US$700 million. Along these lines, the efforts to order the fiscal plan stand out and show a report by the consulting firm Analytica that marks a 31.2% drop in real spending in the fourth week of October, compared to the same week in September.

“Possible distortions”

In the meantime, negotiations continue and price increases above inflation also. That is why Tombolini instructed the Defense of Competition to investigate a group of companies. Official sources explained to this medium that in the variation of certain products “possible distortions” were detected.

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“The injury to the general economic interest appears evident, in the case of mostly national production, based on national raw materials and with natural conditions and infrastructure to provide food at reasonable prices, considering the general variables of the Argentine economy,” says the resolution in question.

The technical teams of the Ministry of Commerce make a daily evaluation of the prices of mass consumption and family baskets. It is in this framework that “prices that have increased with some distortion” were detected. According to what the sources explained, “The two lines that are being reviewed are the behaviors of abuse of dominant position and excessive increases.”

In other words, on the one hand, they investigate whether any company with a high degree of concentration in a market made use of that position to establish a higher price in a certain market. One of the segments in question would be beverages. The other behavior that is analyzed is the decoupling of the increases in the final prices of the products with respect to the variation in costs.

Hereinafter, the Commission for the Defense of Competition will have a period of thirty days to return a detailed report to the Secretary of Commerce on the actions of the group of companies indicated. Although the lines are open and the Government’s interest at this time is to reach an agreement to put a brake on inflationary inertia.

Source: Ambito

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