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Thursday, December 8, 2022

October collection grew in real terms and totaled $1.96 billion

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The performance of VAT collection (net of refunds) was also highlighted, with a year-on-year variation of 110.1%, with a rise of 119.% in that obtained by the DGI and 86.7% in Customs.

In the first 10 months of the year, AFIP revenues totaled $15.72 billion, which also marked an increase of 78% in the accumulated figure, against an estimated 77% increase in prices.

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In relation to Income Tax, revenues totaled $507,004 million, of which $74,159 million correspond to the first installment of the extraordinary advance payment of companies that had profits of $300 million in 2021. The increase is also explained by the change in rates that govern this year, which implies rates of up to 40% for large companies. To this is added that the perception for the purchase of dollars for hoarding went from 35% to 45%.

VAT, meanwhile, produced $600,051 million. The AFIP explained that it was due to a greater acceptance of payment plans. However, for the director of the Center for Argentine Political Economy (CEPA), Hernán Letcher, “the improvement in the tax would be due to the fact that the economy still maintains higher levels of activity than last year”, although he warns that this figure coexists with a fall in the purchasing power of wages. In a report, the CEPA points out on the other hand that in October there was an increase in transfers to the provinces by co-participation “in real terms of 8.9%” which is due to the positive performance of VAT and Profits.

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Social security registered income of $392,282 million, with an improvement of 89.7%. Of these, personal contributions left $157,045 million (+87%) and employer contributions $232,938 million (+91.6%).

On the other hand, the withholdings on exports suffered the impact of the lack of the “soybean dollar”. They grew 16% to $107,687 million. On the other hand, import tariffs and statistics tax generated $58,719 million with an improvement of 70.6%.

Meanwhile, the Tax on Personal Assets had a collection of $52,889 million with an improvement of 38.5%. For Economy, this is explained by the payment of the second advance of the year.

The PAIS tax, meanwhile, reported income of $34,540 million.
million, with a rate of increase
ment of 159.7%. In this, the increase in people’s demand for banknotes came into play favorably, as well as expenses with credit cards abroad and the rise in the exchange rate.

Carlos Lamiral

Source: Ambito

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