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Economy: German foreign trade weaker in September

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What about exports in September? Exports to China and the EU have declined – but there is also positive news.

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After a brief upswing in the summer, German foreign trade weakened again in September. Exports fell by 0.5 percent in a calendar and seasonally adjusted monthly comparison, while imports even fell by 2.3 percent, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office.

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In total, goods worth 134.5 billion euros were exported from Germany in the month and goods worth 130.8 billion euros were imported. The foreign trade balance closed with a surplus of 3.7 billion euros.

Bucking the general trend, exports to the US grew by 5.6 percent compared to August. With 14.5 billion euros, the US market remained by far the most important sales area for German exports. Exports to China (-2.0 percent) fell, as did those to Russia (-5.4 percent) and the EU (-1.7 percent).

Source: Stern

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