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Saving energy: Checking out the ten biggest mistakes

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Don’t leave the fridge open for a minute before the egg timer beeps and switch off the stove – many people try to save energy in everyday life. Perfect actually, it protects your wallet and the environment at the same time. But many tips are actually nonsense and some can be made much more effective. We have compiled the ten biggest energy-saving mistakes that the consumer magazine “Guter Rat” wrote down for you in a picture gallery.

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Tenants will soon find out how much the saving in electricity and water has made in the past year – in the next few weeks, many of them will be billed for ancillary costs. Even if the price of electricity in Germany has now fallen a little for the first time in 15 years, the Germans still pay the most per kilowatt hour in an EU comparison after Denmark: 29.51 cents. The monthly electricity costs for an average three-person household total around 84 euros. In Denmark it is 30.42 cents per kilowatt hour.

Control consumption with apps

But not only bargain hunters should be happy about their billing this year. The price of water has hardly risen and it was a good year, especially for those who like it warm: In the mild winter months, less heating was required than usual, and gas and, above all, oil prices fell significantly.

If you still want to watch your energy consumption, you can find some helpers in the app stores on your smartphone. With “My electricity consumption” for Android, for example, you can enter your devices with consumption and running times and then get an overview of what eats up the most electricity. The Federal Ministry of Economics provides one for homeowners. If you enter the building data and its energy costs, it calculates the energy requirements of the house and the CO2 emissions and shows what you would save with a renovation.

Source: Stern

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