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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Rural Society accused the millers and grain companies of abusive maneuvers

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The head of the SRA said about the entity: “We are going to be alert to the abusive behavior of the milling and exporting industry.”

“The state should guarantee producers the same possibility that it is giving to exporters,” he said.

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In this regard, he said: “Producers have been suffering the consequences of droughts and frosts that caused serious damage to production.”

“Added to that, The Government corners us with a new measure that can lead to a cartelized demand in the market, giving rise to commercial abuses”, he added.

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In this regard, he indicated: “We have been criticizing intervention in all economic activities for some time and that is why we believe that export quotas and trusts, together with this type of regulation, distort the wheat market to the detriment of producers.” .

At the beginning of this year, the Government assumed that the current campaign was going to leave 22 million tons of wheat and then authorized to register in advance a quota of 8.8 million tons for export and charged the corresponding withholdings in advance.

With the drought and the last frosts the yields fell sharply and the harvest is now expected to be around 16 million tonnes or less.

Source: Ambito

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