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Ford Argentina reached one million Rangers produced at its Pacheco plant

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Cutting-edge technologies, data science, manufacturing 4.0 processes and advanced systems applied to efficiency, quality and sustainability will position Pacheco as one of the most technological and modern industrial centers in the region. to continue building the legacy of Ford and its Strong Race in Argentina and South America, in line with the standards of Ford production centers globally.

Ranger manufacturing in the country is already benefiting from this important investment plan, raising its standards and daily production levels.

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Elena Ford, Executive Director of Customer Experience for Ford Motor Company and great-great-granddaughter of Henry Ford; Phil Collareno, Executive Director of Global Programs; Jim Azzouz, Executive Director of Customer Experience Products and Customer Relations; Y daniel fairPresident of Ford South America, were present celebrating together with Martin Galdeano, President and CEO of Ford Argentina and the entire Ford Argentina team.

“It’s a It is an honor to be in Argentina as we celebrate this important milestone for Ranger and the transformation of the Pacheco Plant.” said Elena Ford, Executive Director of Customer Experience at Ford Motor Company. “Ranger is just one example of how we challenge ourselves to build vehicles with purpose and deliver the best possible experiences to our customers globally.”

27 years of national quality

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Currently, Ford manufactures at the Pacheco Plant the pick up medium Ranger, synonymous with robustness, versatility, technology and safety not only in the country, but also in Latin America, markets to which approximately 70% of its production is destined.

“Ranger is the heart of the Strong Race strategy in South America, and is one of the most important products for Ford globally. In its 27 years of production in the country, the Ranger has always been a product that stood out for innovating in its segment, offering unprecedented technologies,” he said. Daniel Just, President and CEO of Ford South America.

The Ranger, which began to be produced in Pacheco in 1996 in a version with a single cabin and 4×2 drive, today has a wide range of 16 catalogues, thus offering a Ranger for every need. In turn, in line with the automaker’s business strategy, Ford Argentina has the family of pick ups most complete on the market, made up of the F-150, the F-150 Hybrid, the F-150 Raptor, the Ranger, the Ranger Raptor and the Maverick.

“I especially thank and congratulate all the employees of Ford Argentina and South America, and our extensive value chain for reaching this historic mark of 1 million Rangers produced at our Pacheco plant. The quality of this product is the result of the work and dedication of all of them” he said Martin Galdeano, President and CEO of Ford Argentina.

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