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Thursday, December 1, 2022

BICE delivered almost $15,000 million in credits for companies run by women

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“Reducing the gap in access to financing for companies managed by women is a necessary condition for the development of society as a whole, which is why at BICE we are committed to the gender and inclusion agenda,” she said. From Michael.

“Today we are sharing the results of our financing aimed at companies led by women that In this year alone, it obtained loans for more than $5,000 million to SMEs in this segment and from all over the country,” he added.

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For her part, the vice president of the entity, Carla Pitiot, He stated: “In countries where women’s participation in the economy has increased, the GDP grew. The empowerment of women is one of the few policies that simultaneously promotes equity and economic growth.

During the meeting that brought together businesswomen clients from different parts of the country, the authorities shared the impact of the program that finances up to 100% of investment projects and also offers non-financial services.

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“Although during the first year (end of 2018) less than half of the companies requested financing for more than 80% of the project, today that figure rises to almost 60%,” he explained. From Michael.

The meeting was attended by businesswomen such as Maria Carmen Murabito of Saldivia collectives; Silvina Sforzini Y Lorraine Ruiz Foundry San Cayetano; Marianela Bravo of Printing Now; Dahlia Grinbaum from Startex SA; Daniela Ravenovich of RA Intertrading; Y Maria Ines Bolleta of La Continuadora SRL; among other.

Source: Ambito

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