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activity grew 25% in October and approached record levels

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As specialists in the sector point out, the measurement of the fracture stages is one of the parameters used to evaluate the level of exercise What do you currently have? Dead cow.

According to the report, during October eight companies carried out fracturing work in their Vaca Muerta wells. In that context, YPF topped the list with 553 punctures performed.

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Tecpetrol came next, with a total of 174 stages, and Pluspetrol came in third, with 127. It was followed by PAE (114), Phoenix Global Resources (88), Total Austral (77), Shell (60) and Pampa Energía ( 43).


As explained to Ambit Roberto Carnicer, Director of the Energy Area of ​​the Faculty of Engineering of the Austral University, “The same current production level is similar to that of August 2019.” “In other words, the level of production has been recovering, because we have a strong decline in conventional production, but the total production of the last month is slightly higher than August 2019”, pointed out the specialist.

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“They are two different reasons: one is the exportso much for gas as for crude. And the other, the domestic demanddepending on the capacity of the pipeline. This justifies the pace that is taking that, after having fallen sharply, only began to rebound at the beginning of 2021, reaching a very dizzying and high rate, “added Carnicer.

In this sense, the specialist highlighted that the infrastructure will be decisive to be able to take advantage of the potential of the shale formation: “Vaca Muerta’s ceiling may be given by demand. The Vaca Muerta ceiling does not seem to have it in terms of supply, but in terms of demand: it is limited in terms of the capacity of the gas pipelines, whether for export or in Argentina”.

By analyzing the increase of the activity and production in Dead cowthe Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon, recently pointed out during his participation in the cycle Area Discussion: “Today the productivity levels of Vaca Muerta, due to different circumstances, are at the level of the best world players. This year, the increase in activity in Vaca Muerta is a reality. The production of shale oil with respect to the year increased around 46% and we expect an increase in activity of the order of 40% for next year”.

“We are working to capitalize on the opportunities we have with shale gas: Vaca Muerta is the second largest reserve in the world. First, in guaranteeing a competitive gas for Argentina’s energy matrix, not only for homes but also as an input for the industrial development of our country. And also the opportunity of this sector, which today we have imports, can be transformed into an export sector. And we understand that we have the potential to do so in the coming years and that the sector is clearly an exporter,” said Royón.

Source: Ambito

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