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The family business has been building since 1877 Priesen building on their employees – and even today, the well-being of them is the top priority. According to the motto “Your future is our construction site”, Priesner Bau is looking for motivated apprentices who, in addition to innovative training methods, also want to enjoy a large number of benefits.

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Team spirit is lived
Because in addition to the team spirit, which is strongly influenced by the family environment and having fun, a good work-life balance is also very important. The working hours are clearly regulated and there is a Friday off every second weekend.

Priesner Bau managementPriesner Bau management

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An apprenticeship in construction offers a lot. In addition to physical work in the fresh air, digitization is also practiced in construction. “We want to show our apprentices that they are particularly important to us. This is also reflected in the wages, because there are allowances and bonuses for good performance and we also invest in the future of our youngest employees with courses and workshops,” emphasizes the management team Silvia Priesner-Schütz, Matthias Schütz and Herbert Hierschläger. The construction sites are regional, which means that the apprentices come home comfortably every day. Company buses are organized for this purpose.

of course is Priesen building interested in long-term cooperation beyond the apprenticeship period and takes on the apprentices. In 2021 the family business has a total of 10 apprentices and is looking forward to applications for next year.

Priesen building gallery

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Exemplary commitment
Those who want to progress after the apprenticeship also have good opportunities for advancement in the company Priesen building, because many of the managers in the company started out as apprentices. The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce also confirms this exemplary commitment to apprenticeship training with the Ineo certificate. The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce awards companies whose apprenticeship training stands for innovation, sustainability, commitment and orientation. Priesner not only builds buildings, but also for the team, the customers and the company values. In order for the “everything from a single source” principle to work, the family business needs many skilled and hard-working hands.

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The Priesner company is happy to offer a taster session at any time!


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