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Crime: Authority warns against rip-off with alleged gas discount

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15 percent discount on the gas bill – a tempting offer in these times. Criminals think the same thing: they bait their victims with a fake website.

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The Federal Network Agency warns of a fake website that criminals want to use to persuade bona fide citizens to enter their personal data and rip them off.

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With the promise of a gas discount, the operator wants to get consumer account data and direct payment for gas services through him, said the head of the authority, Klaus Müller. Under no circumstances should you provide your data. “Law enforcement agencies are already engaged to take down the US-hosted site.”

An alleged support program in the energy crisis is advertised on the fake website. “Sign up for the program and pay 15 percent less for gas,” says the home page. Although the name of the website does not contain the word “Bundesnetzagentur”, the agency’s logo can be seen and the look is similar to the official website. This should give a serious impression.

Some of the network agency data that can be read on the fake website is also correct, whether it is the address or telephone number of the consumer hotline. Apparently, the criminals are making sure that no one calls the number given and asks if the discount actually applies.

However, if you want to click on further links, for example to find out information on how to get to the Bonn headquarters, the fake website does not respond. Inconsistencies are likely to be noticed if you stay a little longer on the website.

Source: Stern

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