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Tariff: More than 200,000 participants in metal warning strikes

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The union is demanding eight percent more money for the approximately 3.9 million employees nationwide. So far, employers have only offered a one-off payment.

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In the first week of the warning strikes in the German metal and electrical industry, more than 200,000 people briefly stopped work. The large turnout shows that we stand together behind the demand for eight percent more money, explained IG Metall boss Jörg Hofmann.

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The union is able to tighten the pace. On Friday alone, more than 83,000 strikers were added. Since last week there have been campaigns in more than 1000 companies.

“The special payment offered so far is not a basis for serious negotiations. The employees need permanent, regular pay increases,” said Hofmann according to the announcement.

The union is demanding eight percent more money for a period of twelve months for the approximately 3.9 million employees nationwide. The employers have so far offered a one-time payment of 3000 euros and also an unspecified increase in the wage tables for a period of 30 months. The one-off payment should reach the employees directly, free of taxes and duties.

Further warning strikes are planned until the fourth round of negotiations, which begins on Tuesday in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Should no rapprochement succeed, IG Metall wants to resort to 24-hour warning strikes or prepare indefinite strikes in individual areas with ballots.

Source: Stern

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