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SME sales accumulate four months down

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According to the CAME report, four of the six items included in the index marked a reduction in the year-on-year comparison in October. The only ones on the rise were “Pharmacy and perfumery” Y “Hardware, electrical and construction materials”, which have been registering the main sector dynamics. The largest drop is recorded again in “Textile and clothing”as a result of the increase in prices recorded by this sector, which has already accumulated approximately 6 negative year-on-year records.

The consumer market was too quiet. A more dynamic month was expected, driven by Mother’s Day, by the enthusiasm of the Soccer World Cup and the start of the season of private events, such as weddings, birthdays, Halloween parties and other celebrations. However, its impact was very moderate and specific by category.

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Analysis by sector

Year-on-year, the biggest falls were for “Clothes and textiles” (-19.2%) and “Footwear and leather goods” (-6.9%). One factor that affected consumer groups with greater access to technology was Cyber ​​Monday, because many purchases planned for the month were postponed to obtain the discounts for that event.

  • Food and drinks: In October, SME retail sales fell 1.2% annually and 0.3% monthly, at constant prices. In the year, this sector accumulates an increase of 3.2%. The companies consulted indicated that prices remained more stable and there were no shortages of merchandise as months ago. But in any case, many companies began to increase their stocks to arrive with enough merchandise at the end of the year.
  • Footwear and leather goods: Retail sales fell 6.9% annually, but rose 4% monthly, at constant prices. In the year they accumulate an increase of 2.2% compared to the same period of 2021. There was little demand for Mother’s Day. Some businesses replaced the imported ones with national and cheaper products, but it was not easy to find suppliers with immediate deliveries. The sector made a relative improvement from the significant year-on-year decline it had suffered the previous month. However, the concern lies in the fact that it has already accumulated 4 months registering negative values ​​in the interannual variations.
  • Pharmacy and perfumery: It is one of the few items that have been working well. Retail sales grew 8% annually, although they fell 0.1% monthly, at constant prices. In the year they accumulate an annual increase of 6.8%.
  • Hardware, electrical materials and construction materials: Retail sales rose 0.4% annually in October (at constant prices), 1.1% monthly and accumulate an increase of 4.3% in these ten months of the year (compared to the same months of 2021).
  • Textile and clothing: Sales fell 19.2% annually, 2.6% monthly and accumulate a decrease of 7.4% in the year. One of the factors that explains this behavior was the evolution of prices that reduced consumer demand in October. Another factor is the informal sale. The businesses maintain that, if the merchandise continues to increase, consumers will tend to move towards that irregular market.
  • Bazaar, decoration, home textiles and furniture: Sales fell 0.8% annually, but rose 4.5% monthly and accumulate a rise of 1.9% in the year. The results were very mixed depending on what products are sold.
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Source: Ambito

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