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Deceptive package of the month: chips buyers can now get shrink-fit versions for the same money

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Customers don’t like price increases, so many manufacturers prefer to save on the content. It comes down to the same thing, but it’s not as obvious. The Hamburg consumer advice center takes a close look and regularly chooses the “deceptive package of the month”.

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Inflation does not go unnoticed on the snack shelf either. But instead of transparently raising prices, manufacturers prefer to opt for hidden price increases by reducing filling quantities. According to the Hamburg Consumer Center, the retailer Intersnack alone has reduced the filling quantities of more than 30 snack products, with the same price and identical-looking packaging. Funnyfrisch, Chio-Chips or Ültje-peanuts have become up to 25 percent more expensive per gram. Intersnack justifies this with higher costs for raw materials, packaging, logistics and energy. Things aren’t looking any better for the competition either: Lorenz (Crunchips), Kellogg (Pringles) and Pepsico (Lay’s) have also hidden their prices in recent months.

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Illustrious series of deceptive packages

The Hamburg consumer advice center has already denounced many well-known manufacturers as deceptive packaging of the month. The chocolate Santa Claus and the smiling bunny from Milka were among them, as well as the pasta sauce Miracoli or muesli from Dr. Oetker. Milka manufacturer Mondelez also criticized consumer advocates for moving away from the 100 gram standard size to 93, 87 or 81 gram bars and shrinking some 300 gram bulk packs to 270 or 280 grams.

Once a year, the consumer center has five candidates vote on the deceptive package of the year. Homann’s paprika sauce was awarded the negative prize for 2021. Our photo series shows other deceptive packages from the past few months.

++Here you will find deceptive packs from the industry that are still on the supermarket shelves++

Source: Stern

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