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Sunday, December 4, 2022

price agreement expires and pharmaceutical companies ask for new conditions

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The program includes all drugs, even those over the counter. The objective is to try to achieve predictable pricesthat do not exceed the general inflation rates, being a sensitive area, especially for the most vulnerable sectors of the population, who cannot do without their medicines.

However, the companies now propose that the adjustments be comparable to the general rise in prices in Argentina. This is discussed with the Ministry of Health, the Secretary of Commerce and the chambers that represent the laboratories. With that framework, the meetings are expected to start next week.

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According to the Market Expectations Survey (REM), carried out by the Central Bank, the projection of retail inflation for this year will be around 100% per year. Likewise, the REM participants revised the inflation forecasts for 2023, placing it at 96% year-on-year and for 2024 at 69.6%. In addition, they estimate that the exchange rate will reach $172.33 per dollar in December of this year.

Source: Ambito

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