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Crowdium celebrates its birthday and gives away 7 million pesos among its users

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The gift is from $1000 per person and the money is deposited directly into the account that you have indicated in your platform profile. It is not necessary to be an investor. People who have their account created and have not activated it can receive the gift by completing the process in their Crowdium profile.

To receive the $1000 it is only necessary toregister and activate the free account with the DNI. The period to participate in this promotion is until 11/19/2022 inclusive or until the quota of $7,000,000 is exhausted, whichever comes first.

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The money will be transferred to the user’s bank account within 10 business days of the end of the promotion. Bases and conditions apply at www.crowdium.com.ar.

Crowdium was born in 2015 with the mission of democratizing the real estate market and since then it has accumulated a total of 22 successful projects, through more than 135,000 registered investors.

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Since then the company has received awards, rewarding them as

“We are the largest Real Estate Crowdfunding community in Argentina and we want to give more and more people the opportunity to invest and boost their savings” mentioned Damián Lopo, CEO and founder of Crowdium

The Crowdium model offers several advantages in relation to the market, and has a real asset that supports each investment, the property. In Argentina, properties, despite having a high value, are preferred due to their stability over time, the low risk and the possibility of participating in a historically dollarized market.

“Real estate crowdfunding is a new financial inclusion tool and a new investment option for people who have less, who today can access the real estate market with a very affordable ticket. At the same time, it is a diversification tool because a person with small savings could not buy a property before, now they can invest in several different properties with minimum amounts in each one.” Lopo added

The key to the Crowdium business model It is the protection of the invested money. capital is deposited by the client directly into the trust accountwhich is protected by independent legal structures for each development of the company, which ensures that the capital is not used for other projects. The main advantage of this system is the security of investments.

In the case of crowd transparency is the main value. From the advice stage, those interested can consult the documentation, including the offer of adhesion and contract.

Each project has a private and independent trustadministered by a fiduciary registered with the National Securities Commission (CNV) and which, by regulation, is external to the company.

Those interested can enter the company’s platform, register for free and activate their account at no cost, only with a DNI. They can also call 0800-220-2769, where a commercial advisor will offer follow-up of the process.

For more information, you can enter the official Crowdium site.

Source: Ambito

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