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AFIP anticipated that the exchange of tax information with the US will be signed this month

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According to reports these days, that meeting also discussed a possible candidacy of Massa for the presidency of the Inter-American Development Bankfrom which his former holder was removed Mauricio Claver Carone.

We are already at the signing of the agreement. The agreement has already come and gone several times and we reached an agreement with our peer,” Castagneto said in radio statements about the agreement for the exchange of information of the collection entities.

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The owner of the AFIP estimated that you can access information about $100 billion unreported in US accountswhat The assets that Argentines have in that country must be added and that were not recorded here.

Castagneto emphasized that after the signing of this agreement “there will be a before and after” with regard to the tax administration given the scope that the standard will have. “The difference is that now we consult for specific cases. We ask for ‘Juan’ they answer us for ‘Juan’ as of the signature we will have all the necessary information, “he stressed.

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Previously, Economy officials had remarked that these funds “shall pay earnings and personal property for the entire time such deposits were unreported.”

Income Tax

In another order, the official insisted that the investigations will be deepened on the payment of the income tax of the companies since he considered that there is no relationship between what companies and individuals pay.

Commercial companies represent 52% of the payment of the tax and human persons, plus freelancers and independent jobs, 30%. The equation is not reasonable given that everyone pays 35%,” Castagneto explained.

The head of the AFIP recalled that, after a series of analyzes carried out by the technical teams, 222 companies that had paid ‘zero’ income tax and so we started to expand the study.

Castagneto maintained that “there is a group of companies that are paying very little income tax“and estimated that there are cases that pay between 4 and 6% over the 35% that would correspond to payor a difference of about 30 points.

Source: Ambito

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