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Salary of commercial employees: increase, bonus and Christmas bonus

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Likewise, the possibility of a year-end bonus is not ruled outan option that the Government has been analyzing so that it can be spent by the private sector.

On the other hand, the payment of the half bonus in December is approaching.

Salary scale 2022

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The salary increase for commercial employees is part of the peer review carried out by Faecys, led by Armando Cavalierithe Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC), the Argentine Confederation of Medium-Sized Enterprises (Came) and the Union of Argentine Commercial Entities (Udeca), with which they achieved a rise in 59.5% for all workers in the field.

Thus, thanks to the increase in eleven% November, the salary scale for commercial employees was composed as follows:

  • 6% with April increases
  • 6% with May increases
  • 6% with June increases
  • -20.5% with the August increase
  • 10% with the increase for September
  • 11% with the November increase
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To these percentages must be added the variations in the final amount according to the position of each employee and the category in which they are found.

Paritaria November: how are the salaries


With the November salary, the Administrative category A will raise its monthly base to 88,135.92 pesos; There may be extras for seniority, valid for all categories.

  • Administrative Category A: $88,135.92
  • Administrative Category B: $88,515.16
  • Administrative Category C: $88,894.10
  • Administrative Category D: $90,031.28.
  • Administrative Category E: $90,978.63
  • Administrative Category F: $92,368.44


  • Auxiliary Category A: $88,451.66
  • Auxiliary Category B: $89,083.39
  • Auxiliary Category C: $91,168.17

specialized assistant

  • Specialized assistant A: $89,210.05
  • Specialized assistant B: $90,347.00


  • Category A ATMs: $88,451.66
  • Category B ATMs: $88,894.07
  • Category C ATMs: $89,462.64


The Maestranza A category will start charging $87,188.65 per month as basic. They may also add an additional for seniority, which is calculated on 1% of the basic agreement per year worked. For example, with a seniority of 10 years, a worker will be able to add another 8,718.86 pesos to her salary.

  • Maestranza category A: Basic of $87,188.65
  • Maestranza category B: Basic of $87,441.01
  • Maestranza category C: Basic of $88,325.25


  • Seller Category A: $88,451.66
  • Seller Category B: $90,347.23
  • Seller Category C: $90,978.63
  • Category D seller: $92,368.44

In addition to these categories mentioned, there are those of Driver and Driver’s Assistant, additional for window assembly and special regimes. Seniority is 1% per year worked and must be applied to the new remuneration figures.

Regarding presenteeism, the remuneration figures must be increased with the complementary allowance established by article 40 of the collective bargaining agreement 130/75.

Source: Ambito

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