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These 2 euro coins are worth a fortune – what to watch out for

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Jane Stock is a technology author, who has written for 24 Hours World. She writes about the latest in technology news and trends, and is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve his audience’s experience.
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According to the “chip.de” website, collectors pay a particularly large amount of money for three types of coins in particular, including first and foremost the coins that come from the mini-states. This includes:

  • Andorra: The coin shows the national coat of arms of the republic
  • Monaco: Since 2006, the coin shows a side portrait of Prince Albert II Grimaldi
  • San Marino: Since 2017, the coin shows Saint Marinus
  • Vatican: Since 2019, the coin shows the coat of arms of Pope Francis
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According to the advice website “ankaeufer.com”, the value of the coins is higher because they were produced in significantly smaller numbers. The most expensive embossing was a special edition from Monaco in 2007, it is said. The coin features the late Princess and actress Grace Kelly. A total of only 20,0001 copies exist, the value of the coin is around 3,000 euros.

Source: Stern

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