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Construction SMEs questioned the Government for the decree that benefits cooperatives

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In addition, he stated that the recent measure “will increase the discredit of citizens and affected by said policies” due to “the proliferation of unfinished contracts, abandoned works, wasted resources (as previous experiences have shown); and above all, the design of proposals that do not comply with current regulations on Public Works”.

Following that line, Fern√°ndez warned that this will leave the door “open” to “actions that seek the declaration of Unconstitutionality of the aforementioned normand consequently the failure of the objective sought with the dictation of the same”.

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From CPC they pointed out that “this type of regulation, bordering on illegality” since “with the intention of alleviating the situation of a portion of society, it seriously affects the destinations of a key sector for the productive development of the nation.” This situation, they said, “cannot help but put us on alert and of great concern.”

At the same time, they questioned the level of professionalism of cooperatives by arguing that “they don’t have it necessary expertise” and they pointed out that this generates “a clear distortion of the conditions of competition and equality before the law, producing a state of PRIVILEGE, putting the continuity and development of the Construction SME sector at risk.”

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On the other hand, they argued that “those who are truly in a position to fully comply with the articulation of actions that allow the recipients of social programs to leave for formal work, within the current legal regulations, are the Construction SMEs of the Argentine Republic “.

Finally, they questioned that a regulation of this type has not had the dialogue and the necessary participation “of all the actors involved”.

The details of the decree

The aforementioned decree, published at the beginning of November, grants in favor of the Work Cooperatives of the Popular Economy 30% of the National Public Works with amounts of up to 300 million pesos, under the corresponding contracting modality.

In addition, it summons the organizations registered in the Registry of Associations of Workers of the Popular Economy and Basic Subsistence to designate representatives in the Council of Popular Economy and Complementary Social Salary (Cepssc)whose mission is to promote a “Agenda for the institutionalization and development of the Popular Economy”with the objectives of productive strengthening, formalization of workers.

“It is a priority of the national government to promote work in its various forms and access to social security rights by the social sectors with the highest degree of economic and social vulnerability,” the decree states.

Source: Ambito

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