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The period to enter with a rate of 5% expires

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By case, some accountants consulted indicated that the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) is getting some taxpayers to externalize some funds that they had not declared, after, based on inspections and cross-checking of data, the body led by Carlos Castagneto informed them that their statements did not coincide with the movements of their funds.

There are people entering but in specific cases,” said Sebastián Domínguez, from SDC Asesores tributarios. In Domínguez’s opinion, the current laundering will not be widespread, as was the case during the Cambiemos government, in which some US$100,000 million entered. The public accountant indicated that these are cases “in which they have found an account for him and he has to launder.”

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damien Tabakman, head of the Chamber of Urban Developers (CEDU), assured Ámbito that “this first stage is closing quite well; At the end of this stretch, people are getting active”. The entity made available to the public through a website an offer of public works with their corresponding certificates that qualify to receive funds. Tabakman indicated that, after this first phase, the cost of laundering will double. “The chamber’s partners have already completed some operations,” he said.

By your side, Gabriel Hermida, from the Auren studio, pointed out that the operation “is slow”. Hermina explained that the AFIP “It is allowing taxpayers whose accounts were discovered outside to enter”. That, in his opinion, is a sign of the urgency of the public sector for dollars to enter. Normally, the tax agency would have followed a process and collected the back taxes plus interest.

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According to market sources, One element that is pushing some to launder their dollars is the fear that a future agreement between the AFIP and the United States Internal Revenue Service end up generating information about your accounts. However, the scope of such agreements is limited. The American authorities are reluctant to hand over information despite everything. It is expected that if an understanding is reached, the data that could be provided would only be the number of accounts and a holder. If it is in the name of a company, the AFIP would not access those who would be behind it.

By your side, Martha Liotto, president of the Sole College of Real Estate Brokers of the City of Buenos Aires (CUCICBA) stated that the sector is waiting for the 2023 Budget to be sanctioned and thus regulate an extension of the destinations that can be applied to the Dollars. “We look forward to it. We await this type of incentive to reactivate the sector with open arms. We believe that it will push the sector a lot, ”he said.

The project that will soon be approved by the Senate includes the possibility of buying used real estate for residential use or for rent. From there it is expected that in some cases they will seek to externalize it to allocate it to rent. Although now it would not be a profitable business based on the rental law, some may be thinking of positioning themselves now with a view to a change in the norm in the future. For SMEs, there will be a special laundering for the payment of imports.

Source: Ambito

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