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Black Friday 2022: All important information at a glance

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It’s THE shopping event of the year: Black Friday will officially take place one day after Thanksgiving, the American harvest festival, again this year: on November 25, 2022. Bargain hunters can look forward to big discounts.

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According to tradition, the official Black Friday is held not only in the US the day after Thanksgiving, but worldwide. It is to be understood as a kind of starting signal that heralds the Christmas season. And since Christmas Eve is always around the corner sooner than one would like to believe, the shopping event can be used to make the first purchases for the upcoming festival. In order to increase the incentive for this, large online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay and Otto lure with attractive offers from different product categories – such as household and technology, DIY and health. And as a Prime customer, you’ll enjoy even more benefits and discounts.

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What advantages does Amazon Prime offer?

Even if you are not a member of Amazon, you can access all offers on Black Friday. With a However, you have the advantage that you can see all lightning offers – i.e. special deals that are only cheaper for a short time and sold out quickly – 30 minutes earlier. In addition, you do not have to pay any shipping costs for Prime products. In some cases, the orders are even delivered on the same day, provided it is a so-called “same-day” delivery. And that’s not all the advantages. As an Amazon Prime customer:

  • you can products on Bill buy, but these only have to be paid for in the new year
  • you have until January 31, 2023 to return all items that were shipped before December 31st, 2023
  • New customers who order something from Amazon for the first time pay for their first delivery no shipping costs

Extra savings tip:
If you are not (yet) a Prime customer, you can and test it for 30 days – only for Black Friday, of course. Only after the free period does the subscription become chargeable if you do not cancel it again: After that you pay 8.99 euros per month. For the price mentioned, you can enjoy even more benefits, such as:

  1. Stream unlimited movies and series
  2. borrow e-books for free
  3. listen to over two million songs
  4. unlimited storage space for photos

Who Invented Black Friday?

How could it be otherwise that Black Friday has its origins in America – the land of opportunity. This not only applies to its naming, but also to the shopping event: In the USA, the day is celebrated in many shops, while in Germany it is primarily online shops that advertise with it. But what is actually behind the term? In fact, there are the wildest theories about who or what started Black Friday. One is that post-Thanksgiving sales have always been, and still are, so strong that most stores are in the black.

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