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which workers will receive up to $214,000

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The Union of Workers of the Capital Gas Industry and Greater Buenos Aires agreed to a salary increase with the representatives of the companies MetroGas, Bat, Ema, QB Andina, Inarteco, Cosugas, Neltec and La Postal. In that negotiation, a $150,000 bond was also signed.

Likewise, the building managers, of the Single Union of Workers of Horizontal Income Buildings (SUTERH), have been collecting a $134,000 bonus in installments. The installments of $24,000 in December, $24,000 in January and $26,000 in February are still pending, the month in which salary negotiations will resume.

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The port They will receive a $110,000 bonus, which is part of the salary negotiation through which salaries increased 85% per year. With these improvements, a basic average will be around $215,000 in December.

The bonus will be paid in three installments: $40,000 in January; $35,000 in February and $35,000 in March.

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truckers Y tankers they will receive bonuses of $100,000 as agreed with their respective unions. In the case of those led by Pablo Moyano, it will be settled in four installments. In the other in two.

Government year-end bonus

The Government confirmed that a end of year bonus for low-wage public and private sector workers. This is what is known so far.

At the moment it is not confirmed who will charge it, how much the amount will be and when it will be paid. But there are some clues.

The payment will be a bonus and not a fixed-sum increase, which was a request made publicly by the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Alberto Fernández explained the reasons why he opted for a bonus.

“The parities have taken all this reality into account. The truth is that intervening with a fixed sum, at low wages, also generates many problems in many places. Because the lowest wages are in the municipalities and small businesses,” he said President.

Alberto Fernández added: “The risk that is run in this case is to generate a fiscal problem in the municipalities and many small businesseswhich I have no doubt would solve by making their employees leave the formality, passing them to the informality”.

When would the year-end bonus be paid?

There is no estimated date for the year-end bonus payment. But it should be remembered that by December 23, both companies and the public sector must liquidate the half bonus, which should be paid before that date, so that payments do not come together.

However, there is also the possibility that it is settled in more than one payment.

How much will the year-end bonus be?

Options are being analyzed, but the year-end bonus would be between 30,000 and 45,000 pesos.

In addition, you could get to pay in installments.

Who will collect the year-end bonus?

As anticipated by Alberto Fernández, the bonus will be for both the public and private sectors. In other words, it will be charged by state employees and those of companies.

It is not yet clear who the universe will be reached. If it will be for all sectors, or if it will include those who already have planned the payment of a bonus for management of the unions.

What is estimated is that it will be for the lowest salary scales, and it would not be for everyone.

Source: Ambito

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