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Sunday, November 27, 2022

AFIP raised the amount to u$s3,000

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The decision, published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette, establishes a support mechanism so that industrial SMEs can easily access the necessary inputs for productionwith the consequent increase in competitiveness and job creation.

The resolution establishes that the Merchandise to be imported must be intended for operators registered in the “Registry of MiPyMES Companies”, provided for in Law No. 24,467. further bliss Registration must be accredited by business chambers of each sector before the General Directorate of Customs (DGA).

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The Government had modified the limit in September and established new criteria for shipments that enter through a courier service “destined for individuals or legal entities, made up of up to three (3) units of the same species and that do not presume commercial purpose. , where the total weight of the shipment is up to fifty kilograms (50 kg) and the FOB value of goods consigned to the same consignee do not exceed US dollars (U$S 1,000.) per flight”. Previously, the maximum amount of these purchases was US$3,000.

The head of the Customs, William Michelhad anticipated on Tuesday that the regime would come into force to stimulate the import of spare parts: “ Starting tomorrow we are implementing a modification to the courier scheme so that all SMEs that import a spare part for capital goods can do so through the Courier regime”.

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The intention is not to affect any production process“, explained the head of Customs (DGA) in statements to journalism at the end of his participation in the 3rd Industrial Congress.

Also, Michael anticipated that they would intensify controls for the foreign exchange settlement and that an instruction is being signed by which it will be possible to monitor in real time if it is about false or irregular exporters who create structures to simulate exports and avoid bringing foreign currency into the country, while leaving them abroad.

Source: Ambito

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