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AMA seal of approval for bread

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Angelica Harwell
Angelica Harwell
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From 2023 there will also be the AMA seal of approval for bread and baked goods. The award of origin, which advertises agricultural products from Austria, has existed for meat and dairy products since 1995. This expansion is the first major one since the company was founded.

Grain farmers will pay five euros per hectare. In the future, corn, wheat, sugar beets, soybeans and other forms of farming will also have to be paid for. 20,000 farms that previously did not pay AMA contributions will be included. The contributions will increase from 19 to 25 million euros.

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Because most farms are mixed farms, the premiums for milk will drop from three to 2.20 euros per ton. The contribution per cow is also reduced, which should bring revenue neutrality for the farmers. The bottom line is that pig farmers pay more because they also pay for land on which they grow animal feed. However, the contribution per animal remains unchanged.

The seal of quality is intended to help show that a number of pre-baked dough pieces that are baked in gas stations or supermarkets are made with imported raw materials. The Court of Auditors had also recommended reorganizing the financing on a broader basis.

Processors such as mills or bakers pay if they want to use the seal of approval. Unlike dairies and slaughterhouses, however, they do not have to collect any contributions. The farmers themselves do the math.

Source: Nachrichten

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