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Sunday, December 4, 2022

installed capacity utilization rose to 68.6% in September

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Below the general value, there were seven sectors: Food products and beverages (68.6%), Publishing and printing (65.9%), Automotive industry (65.6%), Tobacco products (63.5%) , Textile products (62.6%), Metal-mechanics excluding the automotive industry (56.3%), and Rubber and plastic products (55.3%).

In September 2022, in the year-on-year comparison, the sectors that had the greatest positive impact were “chemical substances and products, the automotive industry and the metal-mechanic industry except automotive”.

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In the breakdown by sector, chemical substances and products used 69.8% of the available machines, a level higher than that of the same month of the previous year (64.9%), as a consequence of “the higher levels of production registered in plastic raw materials, agrochemicals and basic chemical products”, specified the INDEC.

The automotive industry, for its part, showed a level of utilization of installed capacity of 65.6%, above that of September 2021 (55%), which was related to “the greater number of units manufactured by the terminals automobiles,” said the statistical agency.

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In turn, the metal-mechanic industry except automobiles stood at 56.3%, above the previous year (53.6%), essentially as a consequence of “greater manufacturing of agricultural machinery and appliances for domestic use.” Regarding publishing and printing, it presented a level of utilization of the installed capacity of 65.9%, higher than the 60.1% of 2021, and was “mainly related to the growth of the corrugated cardboard segment due to the greater demand by of the food and beverage sector.

Non-metallic mineral products stood at 83.3%, higher than that of the same month of 2021 (which was 79.1%), as a result of the greater production of glass, cement, plasterboard and mosaics (which in to a greater extent are used for construction). For its part, oil refining used 77.9% of its installed capacity, more than in September 2021 (75.8%), based on the higher level of crude oil processing.

The main negative impact in September 2022, compared to the same month in 2021, was registered in rubber and plastic products that exhibit a level of utilization of installed capacity of 55.3%, lower than that of the same month of 2021 (60 ,0%). “This drop in the use of production plants is due to the drop in tire manufacturing. Tire production was affected due to forceful measures by workers in the sector, which began in May of this year, which resulted in a significant drop in production,” INDEC pointed out.

Source: Ambito

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