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Black Week 2022 on Ebay: The best deals and discounts

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There are still two days until Black Friday, but eBay is already offering attractive discounts. Which deals are worthwhile and what you can expect on the bargain days.

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For bargain hunters, November is certainly the most attractive month of the year: in addition to Single Day, there are also Black Friday, Cyber ​​Weekend and Cyber ​​Monday. So all the reasons to secure discounts from different retailers. Of course, the providers know that customers are lurking for bargains – and fulfill this wish for almost the entire November with countdown offers. For example Ebay: there are attractive offers there even before Black Friday that are worthwhile, for example to be able to save on Christmas presents. You can find an overview of the activities here.

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15% discount on selected Media Markt and Saturn products

There is also a 15 percent discount on selected products from Media Markt and Saturn this year on Ebay with the CodeMMS15. Such a discount is always worthwhile, especially for expensive technology products.

  • code:MMS15
  • validity for: selected items from the sellers Media Markt & Saturn
  • savings: 15 percent
  • offer period: November 17-30, 2022
  • redeemability: 2 x per person; Product availability limited

Whether it’s Lego, a new television or household gadgets: Visit the campaign page and shop with the campaign code to save on Ebay before Black Friday.

Bosch is waiting with a 10% discount

If you want to winterize your garden, stock up for the coming year, or dress up your house or apartment, you can also save on Bosch products around Black Friday: There is currently a ten percent discount on Ebay with the code EXPERT10. But watch out maximum saving is 50 euros!

  • code: EXPERT10
  • validity for: selected items from Bosch
  • savings: ten percent
  • offer period: November 17-23, 2022
  • redeemability: 2 x per person; Product availability limited

Save 10% on Refurb products too

You can also save a tenth on your purchase if you buy refurb products. With the Code RESTORENOV22 there is a ten percent discount – but also here maximum savings of 50 euros.

  • Code: RESTORENOV22
  • validity for: Items from participating Re-Store retailers
  • savings: ten percent
  • offer period: November 17-30, 2022
  • redeemability: 2 x per person; Product availability limited

Up to 100 euros discount on Dyson products

Dyson also joins the premature Black Friday deals and offers up to 100 euros discount on popular products, such as air purifier or the Dyson Airwrap.

Ebay Plus: You have these advantages

A membership with Ebay Plus is not necessary for the current and upcoming Black Friday offers. But the paid membership can be worthwhile for you: Products with the “Ebay Plus” logo are delivered with express shipping, there are free 30-day returns and loyalty point promotions. There is also an additional discount of ten percent on many products.

Tip: You can try Ebay Plus for free for 30 days and then cancel if you don’t like it..

Ebay on Black Friday: More offers

Ebay has so far kept under wraps what is planned after the current offers have expired. But one thing is certain: there will also be other deals in the period directly before Black Friday on November 25, 2022. before it is worth : There are exciting deals to discover here until November 25th. The current promotions are expected to be replaced thereafter by alternative offer codes and other attractive discounts, which we will continue to update you about.

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