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studios scaled 100% in 12 months and are not covered by a minimum wage

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This occurs in the midst of a context of accelerating inflation, adding to the uncertainty when it comes to having to set values ​​that will apply for 12 months. This, which is a macroeconomic problem beyond the contractual conditions, has been translating into high entry values ​​that, although with the current inflation rates they liquefy quickly, constitute a significant barrier to entering a new lease. In addition, it contributes to increasing dispersion in prices.

In each category, prices vary depending on other characteristics (such as age, if you have a garage, etc.) and its environment (infrastructure, availability of transportation, proximity to shopping centers, among others).

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The values ​​expressed above do not include expenses, which reach an average of 15.3% of the cost of the offer price of a rental. This proportion is at historically low values ​​since it has been around 20-25% during 2019.

The increases compared to October 2022 were 1.7% in studio apartments, 1.4% for those with 2 rooms and 10.5% for those with 3 rooms. The units are grouped according to the number of rooms or the number of m2 of the unit, if available. Therefore, monthly data may show greater variability depending on the way they are grouped.

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In the last twelve months, the offer price of a studio apartment in Capital Federal increased 100.0%. In 2-room apartments the increase was 84.2% and 84.2% in 3-room apartments. On the other hand, the latest inflation data corresponding to the month of October shows an interannual increase of 88.0% in prices according to the CPI INDEC.

The Leasing Contract Indexwhich regulates the updating of rents within a contract already in force, shows a year-on-year increase of 73.1% as of the first business day of November. In that same period, the official dollar rose 55.23%.

Source: Ambito

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