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Energy prices: Expert: Household prices for electricity remain permanently high

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Measures against the high electricity prices have been passed, but consumers will not see much of this for the time being. At least that’s what energy market experts think. Household prices remain high.

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Energy market experts assume that electricity prices for households will not fall back to the level before the Ukraine war in the coming years. The consulting firm Enervis expects consumer prices in 2023 and 2024 to be well over 40 cents per kilowatt hour gross on average. In the years that followed, it would probably not fall below 40 cents, in some cases even 50 cents are possible, said electricity market expert Mirko Schlossarczyk of the German Press Agency.

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“We also see a consistently high price level on the energy trading markets in the long term.” It is true that wholesale electricity prices could also fall more significantly in the future as a result of a prospectively falling gas price level and the increased expansion of renewable energies. However, levies, surcharges, fees and taxes have the noticeably larger share of the end customer price.

For comparison: According to the energy industry, the price of electricity for households in 2020 was just under 32 cents per kilowatt hour. In July 2022 it was already over 37 cents. “We will no longer see 32 cents in the coming years simply because of the currently comparatively high wholesale electricity price level and increases in network charges that have already been announced.”

Source: Stern

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