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Monday, January 30, 2023

Stockpiling of strategic oil reserves ahead of schedule

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The restocking of 60,000 tons of diesel released on September 23 was completed on November 30, four months ahead of schedule, the ministry said in a broadcast on Sunday. The re-storage of the semi-finished products released at the beginning of July has already been completed, instead of at the end of December as planned. When refilling the quantities from the June 4 release of 56,000 tons of gasoline and 112,000 tons of diesel, the schedule is on schedule.

As of November 30, the reserve is 79 days, according to the ministry. At the turn of the year it should be 87.6 days, almost seven days more than expected (80.65). The full 90-day stockpiling obligation will be restored by the end of March at the latest, according to the broadcast.

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Source: Nachrichten

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